Friday, January 4, 2013

Few of my favorite things.....

"Where are you?" reply, "shopping."   Why is he surprised?  Model, check.  Fashion, check.  Blogger, check.  It's a law that you have to constantly shop, right?  Right?  I need backup here.  

In the process of shopping recently, I came across some more of my new favorite things.  That is the whole purpose.  Check this out.....this skin I'm wearing from Blush Skins is called Violet Nude and yes, I have absolutely no makeup on.  Its a great skin on its own but the nude allows you to add layers if you'd like.  Gotta love that!

Next....check out that tattoo.  I was at fi*fridays as it opened this week and didn't move from the Audran Tattoo display for quite a long time.  I'm sure people thought I was afk, but I was searching marketplace for more.  AWESOME STUFF!!  This is only the start.  With the little black dress, this swallows tat was great, no need for a necklace.  You are going to be seeing a lot more of Audran.

. style card .
skin . violet skin nude . blush skins
hair . windblown 2 black . emo-tions
dress . scoop . league
tattoo . swallows . audran
earrings . gryps earpiece . wtg
nails . modish sw jeweled nails . wtg
pose . you can! 10 . posesion

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