Saturday, May 11, 2013

*VoguE* Shar lace top

So, yes, can tease me mercilessly.  As you know without a doubt, this SHEER lace top is my new favorite.  The sexy, sheer things created by Zalyn Bailey of *VoguE* are ALWAYS my favorite and I get lots of ribbing for it.  She just does sexy so well!  And here it is again.  I six sherbety colors, with some snippets of contrast tossed in, go check them out! 

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. style card .
shirt . *VoguE* Shar Lace Top
pants . DRIFT Weekenders
hair . [LeLutka]-SALOME
skin . Glam Affair - Lilith
earrings . Sigma Clare


Audran Tattoos.....don't miss these!


New from Audran....TRUTH tattoo.  Love the placement, right at the right brow.  Leave it to Zane to do the edgy new stuff.   

Also in the latest releases is ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS, again another great placement, right along the collarbone.  This one is my life motto, took me long enough to start really living it.  

Also on my cheek you will see the tattoo LOVED, also by....yea you guessed it....Audran.  Think I love his stuff?  Face tats are my thing and this is my constant, my trademark tat.  

If you haven't been there, go check out Audran.   Either on Marketplace or the store.  You will be pleased, I promise. Zane....thanks for what you do.  This girl is a devoted follower.  More to come....eyes open!

. style card .
hair . salome . lelutka
skin . lilith . glam affair
tattoo . truth . audran

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Shey Kiana
Shey has released the Kiana Jumper and again, known for that fantabulous HUD that gives you incredible color/pattern options.  Love this one in the rust/orange family.  Simple, elegant, one piece.  Dress it up or down.  HAVE FUN!  Only at Shey.

. style card .
[BLUSH] Mabel Skin Pale . nude
"LoQ Hair" Stout
SHEY - Kiana Jumper Dress
jewelry . +:+WTG+:+ **BamboO-B**
hat . THE NEST ORANGE```BaObA```
[Gos] Boutique - Barefeet - Flat
AUDRAN Unisex Tattoo 'Teardrops'
pose . flowey/ 'arcade tales' #5

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Sunday, March 24, 2013



 Not sure where life is going, hanging out at home.....playing in the new clothing puddled around.  Here is EMMA by *VoguE* and me in blonde hair ?!  Toss on my favorite earrings from Chop Zuey.  Just a lazy Sunday on the grid.

. style card .
outfit: *VoguE* Emma Pants Set3
skin: Glam Affair - Lilith - Jamaica 01
jewelry: Chop Zuey Gift - Tabula Rasa earrings/necklace
hair: [e] Control
pose: flowey, last goodbye

Monday, March 18, 2013



Haunting Drift to see what new has arrived.....I'm a bit obsessed with the morning tank and now this new tube all of which come in argyle prints with a HUD to change them up.  So me.  Check out the new skin from BLUSH....this one is Mabel in Pale nude.  Loads of beautiful skins from Marie!

. style card .
DRIFT Today Tube] Knit Argyles
AUDRAN Unisex Tattoo 'Swallows'
[BLUSH] Mabel Skin Pale - Nude
[LeLutka]-OSCAR hair
*photo taken by Rhawnie Draconia at Drift Mainstore*

Falling for you....


Flying around my sim, found these awesome boxes on my neighbors land that I had to try falling!  Not going to be in SL as often anymore, but when I am, you can bet it's going to be fun and I won't be able to resist photos.....RL has me falling, yes, for someone.  Time will go there.

. style card .
Zaara : Denim knee-shorts *indigo*
DRIFT Morning Tank Argyle Knits
+:+WTG+:+ **+Music (Leopard)** necklace
Dark Mouse Heavy Metal  Bangles & Earrings
Dark Mouse Heavy Metal  Bangles & Earrings
Glam Affair - Lilith - Jamaica 01
[Gos] Boutique - Barefeet - Flat

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hanging at the cooler....

Hanging at the cooler....

Lurking around Audran again, I'm gonna be declared the store ghost or something.  Check out the latest from fi*fridays from Audran's offerings....this chest tattoo, unisex, called swirls.  I paired it with the latest group gift from Loovus Dzevavor, which included these awesome shoes.

. style card .
dress/shoes . tropical beauty . Loovus Dzevavor
skin . bea in pale . [BLUSH] makeup . spring glace makeover . mock
hair . over . [e]
tattoo . swirls . Audran