Wednesday, January 2, 2019

 Yesterday I decided to explore and I found this new area called Borneo.  I love seeing what people do with their land and this was a nice change and quiet. 

My exploring outfit was all about extreme comfort!

. style card .
tunic . neve . core
leggings . neve . deedee
boots . tentacle . aran
hair . navy and copper . doe
watch . gizza . asia
necklace . yummy . literature
bento head & skin . laq . neve
location . borneo

Friday, December 28, 2018

It's winter, y'all....

Honestly, I like the cold weather.  Too many years living in areas where it's simply too hot for living.  I spent the morning shopping, doing the Fifty Linden Friday thing and grabbed some great skirts and boots from Tentacio and had to pick up that Fiona Jacket I'd been eyeing from Addams.  Bonus?  Addams had Fiona at half price, so....fat pack yanno!

Somber snow....
Home by the frozen pond

. style card .
skirt/shirt . aran . *tentacio*
boots . aran . *tentacio*
camisole . ribbed tanks fall 17 applier . baby monkey
necklace . knotted shimmer pearls . maxi gossamer
head . neve .  laq
skin . stormy . 7ds
hair . garden . lamb
house . amelie cottage . trompe loeil

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Bad Hair Day??

Was out at The Chapter Four and saw hair I was intrigued with from a company called [BAD HAIR DAY].  Grabbed that LM and went over to see what else they had and fell in love with this one....Amal.  It's got that stacked back and an asymetrical cut.  But the best thing?  These things come with TWO color huds for TWO layers of hair.  That means you can do some really cool things with your hair that you can't with other brands.  

The huds are labeled layer 1 and layer 2 and if you are REALLY cool and purchase the fatpack or two different color families of the same hair, you can go absolutely wild.  I have on the Browns and used the two huds that come inside it to create this teal look.  

Here's a close up of what I did....nothing fancy, just using the one brown hair that I bought and added color on layers.  Below, you can see the ad for Amal and what they did using the brown hud for layer 1 and red for layer 2.  LOVE!!

Want edgy hair?  Hit Bad Hair Day. They have shaved hair bases and some really amazing and unique looks.  This is only hair number one for me.....

. style card .

hair . [BAD HAIR DAY] . amal

bento head . LAQ . scarlet

Friday, December 8, 2017

Here we go again!

Annnndddd.....I'm back!  

My last blog post was in 2013.  Shortly after that in RL, I met a man on a dating site that would become my husband.  He knows all about SL and does have an avi in here....created by me of course and still in development.  He is a musician and would love to bring his music to SL.  In the period of years since, I've simply been busy living, moving, getting my kiddos grown and on their own.  

About mid 2017 I ventured back to SL and decided it was time to figure out what the heck this whole mesh and bento stuff was about.  I was looking like a very outdated Rhawnie, which didn't set well with me.  

Eventually, I splurged and got the Lara body by Maitreya.  Then.....came the head issue.  I kept my standard avi head until about October.  At that point, I just couldn't stand the little sharp edges I'd see and low and behold!  Genesis had an amazing offer for members of their group.  Of course I joined and got my Kiana head as a gift.  This was a great way to try out a bento head, though I struggled and kept attempting to put Omega appliers on it.  I finally figured out that I can't because Genesis uses a different mapping system.  So....I kind of camped out in a corner of the store (thanks for looking the other way, Scorpius).  I scoured all the boards in the store and followed all chat in the group and just last night, Scorpius opened the motherlode....check this out:  everything you could possibly want to know about Genesis Labs

That, my friends, thrilled me no end.  Warning, sneak peek into rl....I'm a librarian in real life.  Organization and detail are essential to my happiness.  I found that Scorpius is a detailed person, goddess bless her soul!!  I think I have an sl avi crush on her now after reading the site, my kinda lady, I can totally relate.

Anyhoo, back to the SL world  The above picture of me was taken by some random guy when I was out at an event.  I left my avi unattended and came back to an IM with this picture and the message "I absolutely love how you look."  Aww, sweet.  I responded back and never heard from him, lol!!  But I got a nice photo out of it.  

I've been wandering, getting a grasp on the new technology and looking at potential jobs  I've made a loose commitment to help fi*fridays find vendors.  They need help, I need something to do.  I am not a "loose agreement" type of person so I'll do my best, but I need to really feel a part of something and know I have people on my team.  We will see if this works or if it's something else I am actually pursuing that I haven't figured out.  If you see this, hit me up.  My SL is quiet.  Quite quiet.  I could use some new friends and something to do.  Rhawnie Draconia, that's me.  Chat soon?  Ciao!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

*VoguE* Shar lace top

So, yes, can tease me mercilessly.  As you know without a doubt, this SHEER lace top is my new favorite.  The sexy, sheer things created by Zalyn Bailey of *VoguE* are ALWAYS my favorite and I get lots of ribbing for it.  She just does sexy so well!  And here it is again.  I six sherbety colors, with some snippets of contrast tossed in, go check them out! 

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. style card .
shirt . *VoguE* Shar Lace Top
pants . DRIFT Weekenders
hair . [LeLutka]-SALOME
skin . Glam Affair - Lilith
earrings . Sigma Clare


Audran Tattoos.....don't miss these!


New from Audran....TRUTH tattoo.  Love the placement, right at the right brow.  Leave it to Zane to do the edgy new stuff.   

Also in the latest releases is ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS, again another great placement, right along the collarbone.  This one is my life motto, took me long enough to start really living it.  

Also on my cheek you will see the tattoo LOVED, also by....yea you guessed it....Audran.  Think I love his stuff?  Face tats are my thing and this is my constant, my trademark tat.  

If you haven't been there, go check out Audran.   Either on Marketplace or the store.  You will be pleased, I promise. Zane....thanks for what you do.  This girl is a devoted follower.  More to come....eyes open!

. style card .
hair . salome . lelutka
skin . lilith . glam affair
tattoo . truth . audran

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Shey Kiana
Shey has released the Kiana Jumper and again, known for that fantabulous HUD that gives you incredible color/pattern options.  Love this one in the rust/orange family.  Simple, elegant, one piece.  Dress it up or down.  HAVE FUN!  Only at Shey.

. style card .
[BLUSH] Mabel Skin Pale . nude
"LoQ Hair" Stout
SHEY - Kiana Jumper Dress
jewelry . +:+WTG+:+ **BamboO-B**
hat . THE NEST ORANGE```BaObA```
[Gos] Boutique - Barefeet - Flat
AUDRAN Unisex Tattoo 'Teardrops'
pose . flowey/ 'arcade tales' #5

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